THÔNG CÁO BÁO CHÍ CỦA PHONG TRÀO GDVNHN HIỆP THÔNG VỚI GIÁO XỨ THÁI HÀ – Press release of the movement lay overseas communion with Thai Ha parish

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Thông cáo báo chí hiệp thông của phong trào GDVNHN với Thái Hà

29/11/11 11:14 AM
Thông cáo báo chí hiệp thông của phong trào GDVNHN với Thái Hà

Nữ Vương Công Lý nhận được thư hiệp thông của Phong trào Giáo dân Việt Nam Hải Ngoại hiệp thông với Giáo xứ Thái Hà trong cơn bị bách hại hiện nay.

Phong trào GDVVNHN




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Press release of the movement of communion with Thai Ha GDVNHN

11/29/11 11:14 AM

Queen of Justice received a letter from the communion of the Vietnam People’s Movement Overseas Church in communion with Thai Ha parish in the midst of persecution today.

The original document in Vietnamese.  Thông cáo báo chí hiệp thông của phong trào GDVNHN với Thái Hà

Phong trào GDVVNHN

The document be translated into English.


Vietnam lay movement overseas

communion with the parish and Redemptorist monastery in Thai Ha.

Prior acts of mass terror, provocation, repression, intimidation, assault and insulting sanctuary by communist Vietnam to implement targeted parish and Redemptorist monastery in Thai Ha Ha Noi. At the same time the bodies of the communist propaganda campaign is open to distort, distort the struggle for justice and truth of Thai Ha.

The sentiments of communion with family Redemptorists and Thai Ha parishioners, the Lay Movement offshore Vietnam has been trying to support the struggle for resilience, but the Thai Ha is a common symbol the aspirations of the people.

November 8, Laity Movement spoke of communion and prayer for the Thai Ha. Sunday 13 November, the Lay Movement asked for prayers for the Thai Ha in 15 communities, Vietnam Catholics in the Diocese of Orange, California.

November 27, in Boston, Massachusetts, the Department of the Faithful Movement in this ceremony of prayer and communion with Thai Ha at 5 pm at the community Lady of La Vang, of St. Ambrose Parish. Followed by candlelight prayer meeting at 6g15 the same day, with the participation of a large Vietnamese community in the region.

In the western United States, the Lay Movement along with organizations and associations in the demonstration on the Bolsa at 11 am on Sunday 27-11-2011 to emotional support to Thai Ha.

Also on the media, the Faithful Movement has moved the call to mobilize the support of the Thai Ha as well as abroad.

Faithful Movement earnestly pray to God through the intercession of Our Lady of La Vang and the Martyrs supporting Vietnam to Thai Ha is always a torch lighting, and dispel the darkness of evil authorities are covering the country , almost brought a bright future for his country in Vietnam.

Faithful Movement to denounce before the public opinion and foreign conspiracies of wicked and despicable communist authorities to suppress South Institute of religious establishments. We pledge to stand side by side with Thai Ha in the struggle for justice and truth.

California November 27, 2011

Do Nhu Dien

Article HopVien

Faithful Movement Vietnam Overseas

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